DreamOn Sleep – Pulsewear LLC

DreamOn is designed to relax your mind and ease you into a restful sleep. Enjoy: * Meditations, * Guidance, * Breathing exercises, * Sleep stories, * Binaural beats, and more that utilize scientifically-based sleep techniques to help you fall asleep while building a holistic foundation for a lifetime of healthier sleep.

When paired with the DreamOn wearable band, the app becomes a personal sleep coach, offering sleep tracking, tips, a sleep program and more.

App Features:
* Sleep-enhancing meditations, classic meditations, breathing exercises, binaural beats, soundscapes, sleep stories, nature sounds… and more to come
* Sleep tracking when paired with the DreamOn band
* Ability to personalize your DreamOn band settings

Visit https://DreamOn.co To purchase the DreamOn wearable band that uses safe, ultra-low frequency pulses to help you sleep.

DreamOn’s technology is based on decades of research on the neuroscience of brain rhythms and sleep.