Draway Learn to Draw Cute – Zeliha Apaydin

You can easily draw everything you see in this drawing application for yourself

Draway’s step-by-step drawing tutorial app teaches different picture steps by showing them in red colors to show the Detailed Steps of cute drawings.

Most beginners in drawing have no idea how to draw kawaii pictures like famous comics and cartoons or how to color them with the right colors.

You can easily draw everything you see in this drawing application step by step and draw it in your drawing notebooks.

For example, you can learn famous cartoon characters, cute princesses, girls, athletes or many animal picture drawings.

Many categories have been designed to both create cute drawings and show how to draw different kawai characters by making the faces and eyes larger than the body so that the pictures are cute.

You do not need any experience and skills, you can learn to draw well with simple steps.

Come on, take a pen and a piece of paper, choose one of the best of the amazing pictures right now and start drawing with fun.

Practice by choosing a few pictures every day and become an artist master as soon as possible.


Wide variety of categories: girls, princesses, people, kawaii, sports, famous, celebrities, singers, animals and more coming soon

Suitable for beginners: Basic drawing steps

Excellent drawing pictures or illustrations: New pictures will be added frequently

Detailed drawing steps: show you how to draw step by step

Many art classes: Plenty of drawings which provides experience

Tablet Compatibility: You can also use the application on your tablets.
The application is designed to make the most accurate screenings according to the screen resolution of your device.

Multi-language Support: Application Infrastructure is designed to support multiple languages.

Reminder: You can easily access the last characters you browse. You can mark your favorite pictures from within the application, so as not to forget them.

All other characters are drawn by us, in Dabdaa Games.

While you are curiously waiting for new categories, you can browse dozens of drawing pictures without getting bored.

With cute celebrities, cute heroes, cute princesses and many more categories, Draway Application will be among your indispensable applications.

More than 7 categories

Drawing about 100 how to draw pictures

Weekly and Monthly new characters