dot Pad – Takahiro Toya

DotNote is a simple note that you can use as a shopping list, to do list, task manager etc.

The notes are organised in a list view. So you don’t make your notes messy even if you have a lot of things to take note!

This app is probably the second simplest note application in the App Store! Why second? -because this app has some powerful functionalities that differentiate from other simple note applications.

-Cursor moves to next line by just pressing return key
-Notes are organised in a list view
-Theme colour for each note
-Check marks to manage what has been done
-Reminder by swiping cell left
-Sort contents based on your preference
-Share text with your friends, family and co-workers
-deleted contents support

Here are some possible use examples:

1. Shopping list
-Say goodbye to your shopping list! This app looks same as your handwritten shopping list because there is already a list provided for you! Just simply add items to this note. Maybe you want to use check mark function when you put an item into your shopping cart. Easy to track your shopping!

2. To Do list
-Can I set reminder? -Yes, you can use reminder function! It makes this simple note app powerful! Set reminder to manage your “to do things” so that you don’t forget what you need to do. This app also supports sort function based on the reminder date, so it will be easier to see what you need to do first!