Doodle Dash – Alexander Baker-Smith

Race against your friends and the clock to turn random doodles into works of art!

Fun, new, never before seen game where drawing meets Cards Against Humanity! Think fast, draw faster, and compete with your friends to turn squiggles into the funniest, most artistic, or creative masterpieces within the time-limit! Pick up your pen and start sketching now!

– Grab 2 or more friends
– A player draws a random doodle
– Everyone has 2 mins to turns the doodle into a finished drawing
– A judge chooses their favourite drawing and awards a point to that player
– The best of 3 rounds is crowned the winner!

– No artistic skills required, just imagination!
– Laugh seeing your friends’ drawings.
– Enjoy addictive & competitive gameplay.
– Feature on our Instagram!
– Name your drawings for extra comedy.
– Play with friends ANYWHERE.
– Unlock and collect a variety of paint colours.