Don’t miss the stop – Alexandre Papanis

Welcome to Don’t miss the stop – Location Alarm / GPS Alarm

Don’t miss the stop uses your location to alert you when you reach your destination. This is especially useful for long journeys during which you might want to take a nap.
Factors such as traffic, the route you choose etc can affect the total duration of your journey. This is why conventional time based alarms are not useful while travelling.

Don’t miss the stop on the other hand uses your real-time GPS location. It is therefore rightly named Location Alarm or GPS Alarm. This means you can rest assured you will be woken only when you are near your destination.

Don’t miss the stop comes with a range of features and customisation options!

Note: Don’t miss the stop finds the best possible location using tools such as GPS, mobile network, WiFi. However due to GPS being the most important of these, Don’t miss the stop may not work underground (e.g. while travelling by metro underground)

The only Location Alarm / GPS alarm you’ll ever need!

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