With “Doktor Yanımda”, healthcare providers have a complete virtual point of care at their fingertips. This private label cloud-based system not only makes on-demand scheduled appointments but also it is your trusted brand the patients want to use. The “Doktor Yanımda” virtual care management system is rich in features. However, it is simple to use and easily accessible through mobile applications for mobile devices and today’s top browsers. A single click allows you to look for available providers and make immediate contact with them via text chat, audio, video. Also, “Doktor Yanımda” has the connection to the top electronic medical vital data collection programs in the market. It has easy access to patient data no matter what system they are using. At the end of the day, it all comes down to the delivery of patient care. How do we improve patient care? How do we make it more accessible or convenient? How do we make it more efficient?…
The solution to improve health care requires providers to innovate implementing virtual visits as an extension of their current care models. “Doktor Yanımda” is rising to the challenge with its leading-edge telemedicine solution.

We integrate with the health app (HealthKit) to read and track your steps data to analyze and visualize the data with a graph.