DNS Rehab – Alena Kobesova

With this application, users have digital access to the entire Clinical Rehabilitation textbook, as well as all DNS brochures, and even the Online Video Library, which includes a multitude of animations, exercises, and practical techniques.
The application also utilizes a useful “search” function, which allows users to quickly locate specific written or video content, as well as a “zoom” function, which allows users to zoom in close on any page or picture to easily identify every detail provided.
And do not worry if you have no internet connection, all written content (textbooks and brochures), as well as some selected videos, can be downloaded to the app for offline viewing at any time.
The users of the application are regularly informed about all Prague School news, including the regularly updated DNS course schedule, new products, as well as future offers.
Clients who have already subscribed to the Online Video Library or who already have a Prague School account will use that same password to log in to this application.