DivCalc – Brandon Bro

DivCalc is the best way to calculate and track your stock dividends. Visually see your daily, monthly, and annual income grow as you add positions.

Tired of having to wait for monthly or quarterly income statements from brokers to find out what your payouts where? Let DivCalc help you know exactly what your estimated payouts will be daily, monthly and annually.

Worried about missing breaking news from a company you track or have a position in? Worried about dividends changing and how it will affect your return, find out by staying current with up to date news on all your positions.

DivCalc Features:

• Easily track your daily, monthly and annual dividend income.
• Stay informed on breaking news from positions you hold.
• Know when dividends increase, decrease or stop being paid.
• Fully customize how positions are displayed.

DivCalc offers a simple, flexible, customizable interface, with no account registration required.