The cloud-based fully automatic dispatching, dynamic scheduling and delivery planning real-time software solution DISPATCH NOW powered by FAST LEAN SMART offers on-demand logistics at maximum cost efficiency.

DISPATCH NOW integrates all your fulfillment stations, such as the online platform, warehousing and order picking as well as your vehicle fleet and shipping, and digitally displays the required processes. This is how DISPATCH NOW allows you to automate your resource planning, scheduling and route planning and their optimization in real-time.

With DISPATCH NOW Mobile, for laptops, smartphones and tablets, such as the iPad – you’ll always be in direct contact with your mobile team and dispatching fleet. Drivers can have all the relevant data needed for the job at their fingertips and can send real-time status feedback:

• All important loading and consignment information accessible at all times
• Storage facility and consignment management incl. scan function of barcodes
• Overview of real-time itinerary
• Integration of navigation apps
• Recording of working time
• Status transmission for synchronization of real-time itinerary optimization
• Tracking / tracing information
• Returns settlement on site on customers’ premises
• Delivery receipts issued by customers
• High degree of user-friendliness thanks to intuitive navigation
• Suitable for all common device types (smartphones, tablets, laptops)

From scheduling to successful delivery, DISPATCH NOW lets you fully automate your
entire distribution process universally, digitally and continuously optimized in real-time.
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