Discover and keep with Clind – Babylone 3L

If we can train ourselves to run better, eat healthier, and meditate daily thanks to community-based, app-created rituals, we can now learn to learn better!

PROGRESS WITH YOUR VIRTUAL ASSISTANT : discover which learner you are and to facilitate your progression in areas that matter to you. There is one simple goal: create your personal development assistant, and progress throughout your career.

DISCOVER, ANNOTATE, KEEP & ORGANIZE your best resources (video, podcast, articles): Clind selects resources just for you to maximize your progression. After reading, listening, or watching your personalized content, you will be able to write down your takeaways. This is how the real learning happens.

CREATE A TRIBE AND PROGRESS TOGETHER: Invite your friends or your colleagues to join you in a learning community. This trusted room will make learning even more powerful and effective as you will share resources and learnings between ‘super learners’.

SET UP YOUR OWN LEARNING ROUTINE: tell us *about* the topics that you would like to progress and *then* set up a frequency for your learning ritual (once to several times a week).

How it works?

Start by telling us what motivates you to learn and your progression goals. Then, we are selecting the best content (articles, podcasts, videos) just for you.

You will receive a few options, select just one. Once you have read, listened, or watched, write your takeaways to keep the knowledge close to you.

You can also invite your friends to progress together. It will be even more fun and effective for your learning. You will be able to share knowledge between friends or coworkers.

You can upload your favorite pieces from Medium, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube or Slack and many more apps with our integrations. You can save them into Clind for later. Organize and share your content with your friends.

What the Clind community is telling us:

“Clind is what I have been waiting for. My life is about learning.” Vicki

“Super user-friendly, the look and feel is awesome! No need for a user manual.” Danielle

“The application is well thought and easy to use”. Harold

Clind is free and protects your privacy by design. We also spent quite some time to develop our algorithm to personalise your learning journey with Clind.