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How much do you love dinosaurs?! Rescue T-rex eggs, fly Pteranodons, race Velociraptors and sort dino bones. Starting today, you’re the new Dino Park Paleontologist, the star of the app. Learn about dinosaurs in exciting educational puzzle games. Develop early years skills – speech, sorting, counting, concentration – in brilliant imaginative role play games. Easy, fun and educational activities – perfect for all preschoolers.

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Build up shape puzzles with your favorite dinosaurs, and over 100 named dino puzzle pieces. You’ll have the best dinosaur vocabulary in town! After every puzzle, you can play one of these awesome dinosaur mini-games.

You can be the star today in this free version, which comes with the Pteranodon flying puzzle and game, plus full customization options. Unlock access to the whole Dinosaur Park including all 6 puzzles and mini games with a single in-app purchase, which is behind a parent lock.

Fly your Pteranodon
Soar through the air on your Pteranodon. Collect stars as you weave through dark tunnels and avoid asteroids. Yummm…. there’s a tasty campfire treat waiting for you at the campground.

Rescue T-rex eggs
Drive your Dino Park monster truck to chase the cheeky egg-stealing Oviraptor. Leap over rivers, dodge through forests and… yikes! Beware the Ankylosaurus’ tail.

Race Velociraptors
Grab your motorbike… and race the fastest Cretaceous dinosaur of all. Avoid trees, rocks… and is that a stray Triceratops on the race track?

Paleontologist bone sorting
Put your paleontology skills to the test. First, complete the shape puzzle and learn paleontologist tool names, then sort dino bones.

Dino Park memory match
First, a shape puzzle packed with Cretaceous dinos, then dinosaur memory games! Start with 6 cards, and as you get quicker, you’ll get up to 12 cards.

Wash muddy Triceratops
Ugh what has Triceratops been rolling in?! Rub and scrub to wash away sticky, gooey mud. Shampoo, shower, sponge and a Dino Dryer – you’ll get all the kit you need at the Dino Park wash station.

Character Creator
Your preschooler is right at the center of all the action. You can choose a photo face using photos from your camera roll, and you can even create your own avatar. Want to see Daddy riding a Pteranodon? Or Grandma racing a motorbike? Have fun with over 30 hairstyles, 15 hair colours and 4 skin tones. The creativity and giggles are endless.

This app includes these Cretaceous dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Pteranodon, Gallimimus, Parasaurolophus, Ankylosaurus, Mosasaurus, Alamosaurus, Spinosaurus and Oviraptor.

We’re parents too, so we take children’s privacy and wellness very seriously. Our app has no third-party ads, and just one in-app purchase behind a parent-lock.
• Explore at your own pace, no rules or time pressures
• No internet needed – perfect to play on road trips and flights
• Easy enough to play alone, perfect to play together for super-charged fun learning 🙂

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