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Dinosaur Discovery application is filled with amazing facts about dinosaurs to study, fun puzzle for kids, venture amazing photos of dinosaurs and also there is quiz to test what you’ve learned about dinosaurs.

Take an incredible journey through the Dinosaur Discovery from the comforts of your home. Learners can choose between learning about dinosaurs and their discovery, stacking jigsaw dinosaurs puzzle, venture photos to learn about each dinosaur or taking a quiz to test their knowledge. In all cases, instruction is provided in a fun, visual format utilizing an intuitive touch interface. 

Designed for all ages. Dinosaur Discovery in interactive way develop natural historic knowledge about the Dinosaurs.

STUDY:: Unforgettable and fascinating facts make this app a great way to learn about dinosaurs. Study mode is like dinosaur dictionary with light weight and has a beautiful ui design which lets you search for the words while you type. In addition, all the terms are listed alphabetically with faster search facility, easy to navigate through entire app.

JIGSAW PUZZLE:: The ultimate jigsaw puzzle game with dinosaurs for kiddies! Come along on this safari to puzzle together all the prehistoric dinosaurs. The game includes fantastic and amazing images of dinosaurs, jaws & claws, erupted volcanos and much more.

VENTURE:: Venture amazing photos of different dinosaurs. Younger kids can learn quickly to identify dinos and prehistoric animals. 

QUIZ:: Learner can put their Dinosaur knowledge to test with the all new Dinosaur Discovery Quiz! Every time you play you get random questions, so it never repeats.Test your knowledge and take the challenge!


•Equipped with quick dynamic search function

•This app will work as a great pocket resource for Dinosaur terms, definitions, history, etc.

•Work Offline – It works offline, no active internet connection is required. Perfect for your trips or when no data connection is available.

•Every time you play quiz you get random questions, so it never repeats

•Simple and easy to play anywhere at any time!

•Entertaining, Fun, Educational and Challenging game for all ages

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