Dial Style – Jesse Martin

“Need a haircut? Been awhile? Don’t wait, DIAL STYLE!

Dial Style- Getting your salon needs met has never been simpler with Dial Style! Choose from a selection of stylists and barbers in your area to accommodate your specific style. Get the professional quality work you’d get from a salon, wherever you want!

This platform allows you to view, contact, and connect with local barbershops , hair stylist, and nail technicians in your area. Never worry about finding the right style ever again!

Browse through a variety of hair, nail, and spa specialists in your area. Enjoy the feeling of luxury as you’re groomed and pampered in the comfort of your own office or home! Simply open the app and call a Dialyst near you.

Book appointments in an instant with the mobile app. Search for stylists , view catalogues, and manage past orders all in one place.

Each category provides a multitude of Dialyst to work with. Choose from a large selection of salons/barbers and freelance agents in your neighborhood.

Never stress with our Mobile Beauty Service! In addition to having this expansive platform, we also offer a variety of options if you don’t have a means of transportation to make an appointment. There are numerous agents available who offer pick-up and at home service!
*taxes and fees applicable

Monitor your appointment status and receive alerts with real time tracking. View when and where and agent is during a booking. Prep accordingly to ensure a spacious work environment for your Dialyst.

Join the vast community of beauticians, barbers, hair stylists and nail artists! rate and review your Dialyst overall performance. Gain loyalty points the more you use a particular service!

On a budget? Stress less with monthly promotions and referral codes! Get the most for your dollar as you are granted opportunities to receive discounts and loyalty points by referring friends!

No way to afford renting a chair? Are you an out of work stylist looking to generate income whilst building clientele? Look no further with Dialyst!
*download app for details*”