DH Adjusting – DH Adjusting LLC

A full service independent insurance adjusting company, we specialize in multi-line commercial property and liability losses in both day-to-day and catastrophic claim environments. DH Adjusting offers comprehensive claims management solutions customized to meet your specific needs. To achieve this purpose, DH Adjusting uses cutting edge technology, a customized file management system, and an advanced diary system, to best serve you – the client – with timely and useful work product in a cost effective manner.


1. Understanding of client needs for timely, well-organized, complete, and useful reports.
2. Excellent written and oral communication skills to maximize interactions with insureds and our clients.
3. In depth technical knowledge and experience in adjusting a wide-range of commercial losses.
4. Emphasis on continuing education and training for DH Adjusting adjusters to keep up with industry trends including fraud indicators.
5. Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain relationships with leading insurers/markets, brokers, and risk managers.
6. Dedicated Account Manager to oversee DH Adjusting and client relationships.