Devy: Influencer Marketing – Devy Co.

Devy is an influencer marketing platform where influencers and brands can collaborate with each other. Using filter brands can easily find the best fit for their project and payments within the app ensure risk-free partnership.

How does it work?

1. Find an influencer for a campaign
Using filters find influencers that suit your strategy, connect with them and learn more about their audience.

2. Agree on conditions and make the deal.
Agree with the influencer on the commitments he or she will have to complete and start a collaboration.

3. Pay or get money when the campaign is completed
The influencer will get paid by the client when the deal is completed according to the agreed conditions.

If you are the content creator and would like to be listed in the gallery among other influencers you just have to fully complete your profile by adding necessary information about yourself and what kinds of service would you willing to provide and mark your profile as public.

If you just want to look for influencers and don’t want to be listed in the influencer gallery, all you have to do is fill out your profile with the necessary information and mark your profile as private.