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DE NEERS TOOLS is an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified and ISO 14001:2015 accredited Company. Today, we are fourth generation serving Hand Tools Industry since 1951. Generation on generations we have adopted new improved modern systems and practices to satisfy our customers to the fullest.
DE NEERS is one of the leading brands in the Hand tools industry. Our well-acclaimed Managing Director, Mr. Neeraj Kumar Aggarwal with his committed and diligent workforce has a Focused and Target oriented approach towards meeting the customer requirements ensuring the quality of the product. De Neers Tools endeavour to make available the best quality products at the most competitive prices keeping in view of our customer’s requirement. We aim to provide professional hand tools of utmost quality to serve the best value of customer’s money. We constantly work on innovation and research for developing our products. De Neers Hand tools provides tools for all your Nears and Dears.
De Neers provides the widest range of hand tools in India.Our wide range of products includes Spanners, Wrenches, Pliers, Cutters, Allen keys , Hammers, Socketry, Screw Drivers, Tool Kits,Tool Cabinets ,Trolleys, etc. We also specialise in Safety Tools i.e. Non-Sparking Tools, Insulated Steel Tools, Non-Sparking Insulated Tools, Stainless Steel Anti-magnetic Tools andTitanium Tools along with our other range of hand tools.
In order to increase workplace safety we recommend that safety tools must be used. These tools find wide applications in Aerospace, Marine, Petrochemical, Medical, Defence, Nuclear industries where anti-magnetic, anti-corrosive tools are mandatory to use for the safety of the user.
Conventional Steel Tools can generate a spark and cause an explosion and fire, thus, Non-Sparking Hand Tools also sometimes referred to as anti-Spark, Safety Tools or Sparkless Tools must be used for Safety.
Our DE NEERS team welcomes you all with keen interest for a very long association.