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Deli by Yango: fast grocery delivery

Deli by Yango is like having a grocery store in the palm of your hand. You never have to go shopping again! Order online with delivery in just in 15 minutes. We deliver fast because every neighborhood has its own local Deli by Yango.Fast delivery of groceries, ready-made meals and household products.

We’re available in select neighborhoods of Tel Aviv and Givatayim.Deli by Yango has all the essentials, including bread, milk and fruit. Accidentally run out of laundry detergent, water or coffee? We can help! We’ve got everything your local grocery store has and more — delivered right to your door.

Deli by Yango is available in the Yango and Deli by Yango apps. More details available at Delivery zones, times and offers are limited. More details available at

Delivery area is limited. The delivery time may vary by 5 minutes less or more than the mentioned time. This delivery time does not include order acceptance, processing and gathering time. The seller of goods from Deli by Yango: Yandex.Go Israel Ltd., 148 Menachem Begin, Tel Aviv.