DELEVER – Abdi Kaafi

Weather you are the mood for Ethiopian Anjeera or the family are craving Somali cuisine. We got you covered
Delever will deliver top food from top restaurant, to your door step in no time 

You can search in your area for:

Your favourite cuisine, dish or restaurant 
Dietary needs, fastest delivery time, top rated and more 

Skip the queues with our ‘self pick-up’ option 
The offer sections gives access to the top discounts 

You always know where your food is with our live tracker. Where you can:

• Track the progress of your food being made in real time 
• Get alert when your rider is on the way and close to you
• Watch the driver deliver your favourite food to your door step 
• Share your tracker with a group for larger orders

We all ways have exclusive offers in our tap so make sure you download our app!