Deforestation Civilization – Timothy Taggart

This is a whole new spin to a classic match 3 style. The object of this game is to build up civilization in a way that does not make it so the animals cannot move. You must do this by placing 3 of the same building right next to each other and merging into 1 better building. If an animal is squished between buildings a grave will appear and you will not be able to add another building to this spot. Eventually, as civilization grows, you’ll run out of room to place your buildings. Once all the animals cannot move the game will end. Animals are our friends, and we hope that the future can be bright for both human and animals alike. This game shows what our animal friends have to go through to live with us.

It is our goal to make the end user feel for the animals in this game & try to do their best to preserve them, so that they may feel these feelings in real life as well.