Definitive Choice – Definitive Business Solutions

The science of decision-making has seen tremendous advancements in the last thirty years. However, most people miss the opportunity to benefit from these advancements when making a strategic business decision or a significant personal decision. They have been all too willing to accept the adverse outcomes that come with using a haphazard and outdated approach to decision-making. Definitive Choice enables individuals and teams to make great decisions using the latest advancements in decision science and the leading theory in multi-criteria decision-making, the Analytic Hierarchy Process. When selecting a location for a new office or business, hiring a key person, or making a technology investment, you will benefit from a careful, logical, and dispassionate analysis of your alternatives. When making a personal “life decision”, such as selecting: a college; a new home; a new career opportunity; or making a healthcare decision for an aging family member, you will benefit from being able to thoroughly evaluate your alternatives with the input and advice from your family, friends, and most trusted advisors.