Decide – Make Smart Decisions – Naimisha Foster

Have you had trouble with deciding one way or another? Whether it is a simple decision such as going for dinner tonight or complex life changing decisions, Decide App makes it simple and clear for you to select the right path.


+ Simply open the app, create a new decision and add your decision-making factors under Pros and Cons.
+ For each Pro and Con, you can add a number Score. This will give you a calculated result, simplifying your decision-making process.
+ For each decision, you can set a due date by which you can make the decision.
+ You can revisit your decisions even after you completed them, this will help you understand your thought processes and refine your decisions down in the future.
+ Decide App also gives you a summary of open and completed decisions, so you can always have an overview of the decisions you need to make.

Download Decide app today and live a smarter and simpler life!

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