DearYou: Heartfelt Connection – Satwinder Mangat

What would it look like if we all lived in a world where we were appreciated and loved for who we are?

DearYou is an app designed to nourish the possibility of such a world.

We believe that every human is worthy of love, period. Though the big moments certainly matter, we also believe in the power of small moments. Little acts of kindness. Letting someone know you love them. Appreciating & celebrating the daily triumphs.

We hope you enjoy using DearYou to send little bites of love to the people care about. Our app offers hundreds of free digital cards that you can easily send to any of your contacts with a custom note. The app is completely free with 0 advertising. If there’s significant interest we may introduce a premium subscription version of DearYou down the road.

Happy card writing!