De la Salle (Teachers) – Mark Khair

“Collège De la Salle” teacher application is an e-learning solution that helps the school implement distance learning and support teachers in their daily classwork, and provides an interactive online learning experience for students using virtual classroom, digital file-sharing, interactive quizzes & assignments, and much more.
How “Collège De la Salle” application could be beneficial for teachers?
– Teachers can easily create online classes through the systems, where only invited students can attend the lessons.
– Easily send documents, files, and learning materials to your students with different types and formats.
– Teachers can communicate with students and their parents anytime and send them customized or saved messages.
– Keep parents aware of your students’ attendance automatically.
– Admins or teachers can fill the Question bank, and use it in the assignments and quizzes.
– Teachers create assignments and send them to students simply through the system.
– Teachers create tests and quizzes, and let students solve them online and get scores instantly.
– Teachers track students’ reports & grades, and make parents aware of their child’s performance anytime.
– Increase parental and student involvement and get their fast response to all topics needed by creating Polls.
– Keep your dates and schedules well organized in one calendar. And get notifications for all your classes directly through the app.