Data Collection Management – Tellspec Inc.

Near Infrared spectroscopy is used to analyse a wide variety of materials, from foods to soils. Before this, the instruments needed have been large, expensive, and complex to operate. With this app and the handheld Tellspec Enterprise Scanner you can quickly and easily collect NIR spectra anywhere, without needing access to the Internet.

The output of the app is the spectra collected into a “comma-separated values” file (a CSV). That file can be imported into any spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel, for the creation of chemometric models or for importing the same data into spectroscopy packages.

The Tellspec Enterprise Scanner can also be used with other Tellspec apps, to do more sophisticated data collection, or particular analyses, with the support of Tellspec’s cloud computing and AI algorithms.

This app works only with the Tellspec Enterprise Scanner which is sold separately on Tellspec’s site,