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Dari Easy Writing Game – Alefbaa Dari

Looking for a fun, free, and simple educational app to help your children learn letters and numbers by tracing letters of the alphabet and numbers? Look no further than Dari Easy Writing.

Dari Easy Writing is a free educational alphabet and numbers game that makes learning fun for children, from toddlers all the way to preschoolers and kinder gardeners. It features a full set of letters and number tracing games to help your children recognize letter/number shapes, associate them with phonic sounds.

Children can learn Dari alphabet and the Dari numbers simply by following the arrows with their finger. They can get stars and score for each letter or number where it can be used to improve themselves.


– A colourful and fun educational game that helps children learn Dari.
– Includes the full alphabets and numbers from zero up to nine.
– Each letter and number has its pronunciation sound.
– The words have been written in English text and Dari text so kids can read its pronunciation.
– Smart interface and fun animations to helps kids focus on learning the letters and numbers.
– Have fun while tracing letters & numbers!

How it works:

Intro – Discover the shape, name, and sound of all the 33 letters of Dari alphabet, as well as numbers 0-9!
Tap – Learn where to start to write the letters and numbers and finish by tapping the dots in the correct order.