D2D Diary – Innovative Valley Pty Ltd

In our busy lives, the need for keeping a diary is indisputable to let our thoughts pen down into written words. D2D Diary is a digital diary app that works with iOS(iPhone) to make your documents private and
secure. Unlike the traditional diary, it also has tons of features that can be added in each entry. The app can also synchronize your work into other platforms which means there isn’t a place you are going without it!

How does it work?
D2D Diary helps you to note down important daily reminders and to-do list uniquely.
Key features

• Passcode/FaceID: It helps your diary stay secured from others when you turn on the passcode to prevent unwanted snooping with end-to-end encryption.
• Sync Across Devices: you can access your data anytime.
• Export Options: you can export your diary into JPG, MD, PDF, and much more to print or scan them.
• Reminder: set daily, weekly or monthly reminders so you won’t miss out anything or forget to create a memory.
• Backup: your entries can be restored and backup automatically to our private servers.
• Multiple Journals: you can organize, record and browse the entries that you made for travel, family or work.
• Attachments: add pictures to your diary from the camera roll.
• Calendar: you can track your streak to keep your momentum going.

Benefits of D2D Diary:
• Improve your writing: you may not start with a perfect topic but gradually, writing your thoughts in D2D Diary will benefit you train your writing.
• Keep your thoughts organized: D2D Diary makes us organize our everyday thoughts. We can record our feelings, daily events, certain opinions and even experiences.
• Boost your memory: when you write something in your diary, your brain likes to store that information too. You will find it easy to recall new information that you learnt as the brain makes strong connections when it’s written and mapped out.
• Set your goals: D2D Diary is an excellent platform for you to write your aspirations, goals and ambitions. You can monitor your progress and growth overtime secretly to know where you stand after a few months and when it’s time to go for the next milestone in your life.
• Record your ideas in one place: whenever you thought process and come up with an idea, jot it down. Later, it can be revisited to further develop and lead to a conclusion.
• Self-reflection: D2D Diary allows you to self-reflect occasionally. You can write what you accomplished and do a little self-reflection before bed to improve even more the next day.

More than just a diary

D2D Diary is more than just a traditional diary with pages. It combines your weekly, monthly and yearly work enabling you to build a better planner system. It is a great way to relieve your stress, express yourself to free up any anxiety or frustration that prevents you from being happy. Our user-friendly format helps the users to create patterns of a productive life by tracking activities and habits.

So what’s stopping you? Access our D2D Diary and start your journey to a great experience ahead!