CYPON – Plam Co., Ltd.

Coupons I make “CYPON”
Express your feelings through coupon, then send them away!

ㆍAfter making your coupon you can easily share it with friends through SNS or messenger

ㆍYou can upload any photo you want from your gallery. You can individually customize coupons.

ㆍThe QR Code is automatically generated, you’re able to check coupons with an installed QR code reader.

ㆍYou’re able to setup the expire date and number of uses.

■ Couples
kiss, travel, sing me any bts’s song, sweet night coupons for more exciting date ideas

■ Friends
coffee, movie, foodie coupons to share with friends

■ Family
assign chores with coupons to make the work things less boring

* Event Coupons
discount, buy one get one, happy hour coupons for customers (coupons can be distributed through social media and redeemed with QR codes. No sign up needed)

* Invitation Coupons
use coupons as invitation to birthday parties or any other gatherings