CyberLab Visual Search – Matthew Lawson

This is an app that detects objects and finds matching products from IKEA. Any recognized object can be matched to the most visually similar IKEA product.

The app runs in video camera mode. It tries to detect objects, and once it finds something it identifies as a potential object it puts a bounding box around it. The user can also, by themselves, put a manual bounding box on any object.

Once the bounding box is drawn the app does a visual search on it. A snapshot image from the bounding box is sent off to a Visual Search API, and a search result based on IKEA products is returned. Each product in the result is connected to the main product page for that item on

Product searches are local to a country. The user can change country in the app settings. The list of available countries will grow over time.

The app is free. It requires Video Camera access rights.