CyberJet Lite – Forging Social

First official release of the free version of CyberJet.

Be transported into the digital world of Cyberjet. You’r only goal, fly through the electrified gates and don’t crash. The power to navigate the jet is in your fingertips. Propel the jet skyward by a tap, tapping, tap and hold, tap tap tap, tap tap hold, hold tap tap, or tap hold tap. It’s really up to you on who you want to navigate the jet.

**App Features**

– Fly a sick looking 8bit jet
– Dodge and maneuver past electrified gates
– Fly through a beautiful landscape inspired by 80s arcade games
– Sick beats

**Medal Scores:**

Bronze >= 10 gates

Silver >= 25 gates

Gold >= 50 gates

Diamond >= 75 gates

**You need to Download Cyberjet if you:**

– Are an absolute beast at tap to fly games
– Jet games
– Love Retro games
– Miss 80s arcade games
– Are looking for a better and more fun alternative to flappy bird

**Don’t download Cyberjet if you:**

– Hate tapping games
– The mere mention of flap, tap, or flappy bird causes you to regress back into the deepest darkest place your ever have been in your life
– Hate Jet games, Top Gun, and Tom Cruise
– Don’t want to cry yourself to sleep at night after you miss your high score by 1
– Suck at mobile games and are going to leave a bad review because your lack of skillz