Custom Vocab Flashcards – Harmonic Web Solutions LLC

Custom Vocab Flashcards is an educational tool you can use as an aid in your child’s vocabulary education. I personally have a two-year-old, speech delayed son and have been developing this with his needs in mind.

The app allows you to create custom flashcards – each slide containing a vocabulary word, a relevant image and an audio clip of the spoken word. The word, image and audio of each flashcard repeat with a swipe in any direction. This provides a stimulating experience and facilitates learning through repetition.

The app has two modes – “kid” mode and teacher mode. In “kid mode,” the child plays on the app without assistance. When the child swipes the flashcard, the slide repeats. The same slide will repeat until a custom time threshold (amount of seconds between slides) is reached, at which point the swipe will lead to the next slide. Note – in this mode it is advisable that you “pin” the app so the child cannot accidentally exit it.

Teacher mode allows you and the child to work together. The swiping flashcard repeat is still the same, but in this instance, you decide when the slide ultimately moves forward with a double tap gesture. Teacher mode gives you dynamic control over the learning pace.

To create a flashcard, you have different options to choose from.

Word: You choose any word for the flashcard.


You can get an image of a person, place or thing by taking a snapshot from your device’s camera or choosing from your photo gallery. This is ideal for a child-relevant experience. You can choose household items, your child’s toys or even a picture of yourself: “Mommy”/”Daddy”/”Mr. Teacher So-and-so.” This is a multi-sensory experience that lets the child match already-familiar images with sound and visual words.

You can get an image from Unsplash, an image fetching service, from right within the app. This is great for quickly adding important vocabulary words of things that aren’t exactly within your reach. Many of the images from Unsplash are of excellent quality.

Audio: You use your device’s microphone to record yourself speaking the word – hold the record button and release when finished.

Needless to say, I cannot make any guarantees that this app will ultimately provide you with results! This tool is meant to be used as a single element in a multi faceted educational strategy. I myself am not a licensed educator – just a parent who likes to try new things.