Curvaceous Fashion – curvaceousfashion

Welcome to Curvaceous Fashion!

We are an online women’s fashion brand, created solely to cater to your curves! After years of not finding clothing we wanted online, We decided that we were fed up of the way curvy and society-deemed “plus size” women had to shop. We really wanted to create a safe space online where women could connect, shop and feel good!

Our mission is to make every woman, no matter what your dress size is, feel confident, sexy and curvy in clothes. Long gone are the days that we let a number on a clothing label define us – we are more than the circumference of our waistlines! We’re all wonderfully made and deserve to have the fashion we want at our fingertips.

Curvy girls always seem to receive unsolicited fashion advice… “don’t wear this colour” “stay away from these textures” “this will flatter your shape”… why can’t WE decide what makes us feel good about our bodies and more importantly – our style?!

A common misconception is that you’ve got to cover up your curvy body. Maybe you’ve done this before. You hide behind a bulky sweater or a long jacket. You’re afraid that no one wants to see your shapely tummy or curvy hips. We say: stop dressing for the approval of others! Dress for the approval of YOURSELF!

Time for a reality check: You are beautiful. Hiding your body behind layers only covers up your beauty. If you’ve got curves, flaunt them!

You’ll notice throughout our website and on our Instagram, we tend to not focus on the words “plus-size” due to the negative connotations it brings. We want you to celebrate your curves, find clothes that fit and flatter. Being a curvy woman myself, We relate to our customer’s struggles of finding the perfect outfit for their shape online, so we’ll do everything in our power to curate a strong range for you all to express yourself in. We focus on quality clothing because you all deserve the best of the best!

We hope that all of you Curvaceous Queens love everything we have to offer!

The curve revolution starts now!