Curio:City – Agna

Imagine it’s a Thursday night. You want to go out. You’re not sure what’s there to do around you.

What do you do? Ask your friends? Check social media — ah, but if you do that now, everything’s already reserved. Watch a movie? Let’s see… oh, all the good seats are sold out. How’s anyone supposed to keep up with all these without reading every newspaper and every news site every single day?

Well, there’s good news and there’s bad news.

The bad news is, you’ll never be able to stay on top of everything happening in the city all by yourself.

The good news is, we’ll do that for you!

Curio:City is the smartest platform for the oldest pursuit in the world: the art of having fun.
Combining your usual techie stuff with some fancy science, smart algorithms and cutting-edge analytics, it understands what your version of the perfect outing looks like.

And that’s why, whatever be your interests, your version of the Curio:City app will be always unique to you. We’re talking headliner events, movies, game nights, top attractions, 3 am party vibes, foodie-gems, Friday feelings – and that random punch of “Aha!” moments you just can’t miss in your city.

Going out has never been more you. The only question now is: Where will your Curio:City take you?

Join the BETA squad and Stay tuned.

We’re coming soon.

See you there!