Cup Blitz Special Edition – Tomasz Soroka

Welcome to the Cup Blitz Special Edition!

Become the World Champion in the safety of your home. Play the game! Rule the field. Bring the gold to your home. Make your team great again and your fans happy.

Play one of 115 nations in this fast paced arcade soccer game. Level up, upgrade your team, collect cards, become famous and write history with your name.

Unlock new game modes as you progress. Make your team stronger and stronger to challenge ultimate opponents and feel the shining glory of true Champion.

Play 6 modes:
– Blitz: single match with opponent matched to your level.
– World Cup: 3 group matches. If you finish 1st or 2nd you enter KO phase with 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and final matches.
– Career: play against 114 other nations, one by one.
– League: play with 19 other nations in league type of game.
– Weekend league: play with other 9 nations in league type of game.
– The King: Ultimate KO tournament with the best 5 teams in the world.

Collect legendary, epic or rare cards to unlock nations and upgrade them to become even stronger and prepare for ultimate challenge.

Unlock powers to use them while you play in critical moments.

Become famous to unlock new stadiums and balls.

Share your joy with your friends.
Thank you! Have fun and be safe!