Cubz Carousel – ADATHO OHG

Cubz Carousel is a 3D action game where the player shoots at moving cubes with a cannon. A good reaction is required!

When the game is started for the first time, the player has the opportunity to complete a tutorial. The tutorial is designed as a training camp and contains six lessons that build on each other. The goal is to learn the basic functionality of the game in a playful way. The player has the possibility to skip the tutorial at any time and start playing immediately.

The game is made up of five different levels called carousels. To complete one level and reach the next, missions must be completed. A mission consists of several given targets, which must be completed one by one by shooting the cubes. 

The current target is shown in the upper part of the screen. There the player can see how many cubes and with which score he has to hit. It is essential to hit the cubes in sequence.
The player has a limited amount of time to complete a goal. As soon as this time expires, a cube explodes and the game ends.

For each completed mission, the player gets a diamond. A total of 5 diamonds are required to complete a level and unlock the next.

Points are counted with every hit. The number of points corresponds to the number of points on the cubes. At the end of the game, the scored points are credited to the player’s account as golden coins. Once the player has collected enough coins, he can unlock further levels.

In the menu the player can explore, unlock and start all available levels. There is also a highscore list and the basic settings.

The cannon is fixed. To hit a cube, the player must shoot at the right time. A bullet is fired by touching the screen. The number of shots is unlimited.

In the game there are the following special cubes:

If the player hits a death cube, it explodes and the game is over. Once a death cube has reached the bottom row of the carousel, it starts to turn into a normal score cube from time to time. Once it has turned into a normal cube, it can be shot safely.

– TIME –
If the player shoots a time cube, he gets additional time to complete the given goal.

During the game, the speed of the carousel increases. If the player hits a speed cube, the carousel slows down and the player can hit the cubes more easily.

The Joker is a player’s best friend. If he hits a joker cube, all death cubes are turned into normal point cubes. The death cubes then take on the color the player needs to fulfill the current goal.

Have fun playing Cubz Carousel!