CT PassQuiz Head/Brain / MRI – Kazuya Takayama

CT PassQuiz is an anatomy learning app made for all people who want to learn human anatomy, such as doctors, nurses, radiology technologists, clinical technologists, and medical students.

Nowadays, we come to see 3D images on a daily basis, but in order to really understand stereoscopically, it is necessary to analyze the planar image and reconstruct it in our mind.

This application gives the anatomical name displayed on the CT image in a quiz format, and you can learn the image anatomy efficiently by switching the axial section, coronal section, and sagittal section and selecting the answer from the four-choice question. I will.

[Recorded image]
CT image of the head
Axial cross section Number of slices: 32
Coronal section Number of slices: 41
Sagittal section Number of slices: 31
Number of anatomy: 167 items

[The number of questions]
Section: 20 (10 questions each) Total: 200 questions

[Auxiliary function]
■ Cross-section switching display
By selecting the sub screen, it is possible to switch between axial section,
coronal section, and sagittal section to check various sections.

■Display of selectable range
By displaying the anatomical range on the image, you can answer while
confirming the surrounding anatomical names.

■ Switching image conditions
You can switch between brain parenchymal condition and bone condition.

Enlarged display
You can change the size of the image by pressing the enlarge/reduce button or pinching the screen out.

■Multilingual support (Japanese, English, Chinese, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Korean)

In addition, we will continue to add functions to make learning fun.
We will use the opinions and requests we receive to improve our service.