Crazy Sounds pro – zaai developer

Download the best app of crazy sounds and enjoy it.
This app has unique and different crazy sounds.
Great collection of sounds for kids.
Make everyone around you laugh with these funny sounds anytime of the day.
Kid friendly funny sounds for entertainment anytime of the day. Includes Baby Laugh, Ba-da-Dum like drum sound showing off that joke is over, Car Honk, Funny Kiss Sound, Police Siren, Whistle, Donkey sounds, Boo sounds to boo someone, Balloon pop sounds to create fun at party, Male and female snore sounds to make fun of friends, Screaming sounds to scare friends and make fun of them, Bug Spray and Bug screaming sound, Cow sounds which is awesome as ringtone, Funny man sounds, Goat Sounds, Water Pop Sounds, Sneeze sounds with are funny always and to listen to and entertaining as Ringtones.
Use the funny sounds to bring laugh to everyone. Entertain friends and family including kids with funny sounds.
Now you can play Funny sounds in loop and change volume in app. Funny sounds are great as ringtones and awesome to play with.