CPACharge – AffiniPay LLC

The payment solution thousands of CPA’s, EA’s and accountants love.

We know your business doesn’t stop when you leave the office. The CPACharge mobile app lets you take client payments, manage transactions, view account details, and more from your office, your car, and everywhere in between.


Accept payments securely and on-the-go by entering a client’s credit card number or use the CPACharge mobile reader to quickly capture client card information.


– Everything you need to get paid, all in one place.

– Digital signatures captured on your device

– Void, refund, and view past transactions

– Available Bluetooth CPACharge card reader.

– Support for EMV (chip cards), NFC contactless, Magnetic Stripe Card

Visit to purchase the CPACharge Mobile Reader.


CPACharge offers the most up-to-date payment options for CPA, EA and accounting firms. Collect one-time and recurring client payments in your office, on your website, and on-the-go. No matter where you get paid, all transactions are secure. With technology that exceeds Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards

Have questions? Our team of Certified Payment Professionals are on hand, ready to discuss your needs. Give us a call today at 800-485-6455.