Courset: track your courses – Ruslan Murin

You develop yourself on courses? Your kids visit a lot of classes every week? Have to track a lot of season tickets, memberships and class schedules? Courset will take that routine on itself, help figuring out schedules and when it’s time to prolong your class.

• Add courses, classes, memberships and season tickets, limited by number of classes or time, or unlimited.
• Assign schedules to them and track them on calendar.
• Mark classes as rescheduled or cancelled.
• Always be aware of status of a course: how many classes left or how many days left until the membership is over.
• Plan courses and their schedules.
• Share your courses with classmates who have Courset, so they always have a class schedule at their fingertips, like you do.

You can have one active course (i.e. the one that you’re going through) at the same time in free version of Courset. To track multiple courses at once upgrade to Courset Premium right in the app.

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