Count Your Blessings Journal – Jeerayuth Lee Seesuwan

A gratitude journal which allows you to record things you are grateful for and rewards you with a bird character when you count 3 blessings each day.

It is an app that cultivates the habit of being grateful for the people, things around you and most importantly, yourself.

• Count 3 blessings to hatch an EGG!
• 54 bird species to unlock
• Ability to add photo to your gratitude notes
• Ability to share your gratitude note
• Ability to add notes to Favorites
• Statistics and overview of all your blessings
• Beautiful forest app theme and atmosphere
• Question Of The Day
• 38 Supreme Blessings

Counting our blessings encourages us to be positive and be more appreciative of what we have around us. By doing this every day, no doubt that we will develop a happier and peaceful life.

Whenever you are down, you can always turn to this journal to view all the good things that has happened to your life. You can also use our photo taking/adding feature to enhance your counting blessings habit. For example, a photo of a gift someone gave you, or a photo of your family vacation.