Cosmetic Shades – Ability2code Ltd

Do you ever get overwhelmed by the vast amount of different shades that makeup products have? With Cosmetic Shades, you can easily narrow down your options of cosmetic colours in order to find the closest shade that you want.

Use Cosmetic Shades to quickly find an alternative makeup product across multiple brands with a similiar shade. Compare over 200 products of foundations, concealers, lipsticks and lipgloss’ to find the closest shade that matches your complexion or to find the closest shade to match your current cosmetic product.

Whether you’re instore or at home, use Cosmetic Shades to save time and money by narrowing your cosmetic shade options down to your closest match whilst shopping. Cosmetic Shades provides comparisons over many makeup luxury brands along with drugstore brands in order to give you a wide variety of brand options of your preference.