Corrupt the Priest – BrightDream Apps LLC

The dark gods are turning their gaze towards a little town. You are one of the many servants of the strife god, and your task is to possess the mind of the local Archpriest in order to sow wickedness and discordance in the town. Evil must win!

Game rules:
• You’re a disembodied spirit! Possess the townsfolk so they’d become your hands and voice.
• When you control somebody, you can talk or otherwise interact with another people or buildings. Persuade, deceive, ask provocative questions – do what’s best to make people doubt in their patron god!
• The faith of each believer powers the temple that he or she use to attend. Each temple creates a Divine Area around itself, where you can’t stay for long, because it quickly drains your demonic energy, and you can even cease to exist if you don’t flee away!
• Your task is to undermine people’s faith in any way possible: manipulate, look for weak spots, enter theological discussions or openly call to come to the side of the dark gods, for they have delicious sesame pretzels.
• The weaker is the faith of the parishioners, the smaller is the Divine Area around the temples, and the higher your chances to successfully sneak to the town center and possess the archpriest. That’s where the real fun begins!

• Different ways to achieve your ultimate goal;
• Various character interactions that directly affect the gameplay;
• A tongue-in-cheek fantasy world, the details and lore of which are revealed through the dialogues with characters.