ControlPoint ASI – MSC Industrial Direct Co., Inc.

The ControlPoint ASI App approved by MSC, is designed to allow the Class C Solutions, a division of MSC users to create carts that can be either requested for a quote or submitted as an order via email in quick and easy manner.
This helps maintaining stocking levels and order replenishment quicker and easier. Use the App to cut costs and get better control over your inventory by placing orders on-the-go right from your mobile device without even having to log into

Puts You in Control
• You decide what and how much product gets ordered
• Maintain control of what gets replenished and ordered
• Request for a quote

Ease of Use
• Easily review and edit carts before they are requested as order or quote
• User in different shop/facility areas:
o Remote stocking locations
o Use for point of use applications
o Stock Rooms
o Free issue area
• Flexible replenishment cycles reduce inventory requirements

Order Efficiency
• Significantly reduces paperwork
• Allows inventory to be closer to the point of use in your facility

Have a question? Contact our Support Team at 866-438-6767.