Contract Finder – Calandra Lark

Contract Finder is a tool that will allow users to quickly and easily search the GOV.UK website for public sector contracts in England worth £10,000 and over.

Users can search by stage. (planning, tender, award and implementation); by date – from and to; by type (all, SME and VCO), and by Common Procurement Vocabulary (CPV). The user can select the CPV from a list, or search for CPV’s matching the user’s text.

Matched records can be saved and searched for key words. Records can be listed by name, by date depending and date ascending.

The user’s search criteria is retained so a search can be easily repeated as often as the user requires. The matched contracts can be saved and emailed; the buyer’s contact details can optionally be added to the user’s contacts. The user can contact the buyer directly from the app using email or telephone.