Continues Video Status – Piyush Ladva

Do you want to post long stories on whatsapp, Instagram and Facebook
But whatsapp, Instagram do not allow you to post more than 15 second video and facebook only allow 20 second video.

No More Worry!!!

Continues video story of WhatsApp, Insta allow you to post long video status on whatsapp, facebook, instagram and all social media. Yes long video status, no matter how long it is.

Continues video story Features:

1. Automatically Split 15 Second/ 20 Second/ 30 Second Clips.
2. Custom Split Video according to your desire.
3. Cut any Clip from long video.

Continues video story of WhatsApp, Insta automatically split long video into series of 15 second/ 20 Second either as per your need’s short clips and allow you to directly post as whatsapp status, insta story and facebook story.

You can custom split video according to your desire time duration just add seconds of video which you want split so this app will split it from long video.

Now you can easily split and post long video on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and many more.

Thank you. please download it immediately.