ConstrucIT – Mujtaba Tariq

CONSTRUCIT, created for the sole purpose of injecting digital proficiency.

The CONSTRUCIT Digitising Construction app propels the construction industry into the digital web of instant accessibility and transformative ease of business; buyers and sellers can navigate through the app effortlessly to browse, purchase, sell, and deliver all across the board. Products can be searched and viewed either individually through the product categories, or pulled up directly by typing into the search bar. The buyers have full access to a dynamic online shopping cart, which can be edited while shopping and before checkout.
The CONSTRUCIT Outlet Take-Over Series further highlight what CONSTRUCIT aims to lead to in the future: transforming the brick-and-mortar construction industry into a completely virtual world of connective transparency and digitisation where the products are solely listed online, with their marked down prices, ready to be purchased effectively through the CONSTRUCIT app