Conform: A Puzzle Platformer – CapeTitans Games

Conform is a relaxing yet challenging puzzle game. Help your character navigate through a world full of other blocks, and find a place to fit in.

To solve the increasingly tricky levels, you’ll have to use your character’s simple ability – transforming to match any surface it touches. Gain new powers for every color you touch – including double-jump, changing size, and anti-gravity! Switch between powers on the fly to crack the puzzle and move on to the next level.

– 50+ challenging levels, featuring 3 unique powers
– Regular updates with new levels
– Simple, relaxing gameplay and music
– Minimalist level design
– Progress through multiple level paths. If you get stuck in one level, there are more paths to choose from.
– Minimal ads, all features are completely free
– Offline
– Made with care, for our players to enjoy 🙂