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We explore the world searching for ideas, trends and themes. Will you come on the journey with us?

Conduit provides an easy way to learn during a period of rapid transformation. Change can be overwhelming and daunting, yet it is an opportunity.

Clear, uncomplicated and jargon free insights can be viewed as you commute to work, turn up for a first date or are stuck in an awkward elevator. We aim to be your conduit to the world.

Swipe away on what you like and don’t like, for example:

-70% of the global population will be Millennials & Gen-Z by 2030
-Plant based food sales are growing 5-15x faster than animal protein foods
-240 million electric vehicle charging stations will be needed by 2040
-In 2003 China had no billionaires. It has 400 today

There are no advertisements. This is an educational tool that we feel passionately about.