CompanionWave TV – Parity Computers Ltd

CompanionWave offers a personalised patient centric experience, before, during and after their hospital stay, all in one downloadable app. It offers the ability to communicate, enjoy entertainment, access personalised information and participate in care processes using their own device. For hospitals that means that their comprehensive, centrally managed CompanionWave portal can be accessed by patients also on their own iOS devices (BYOD) and hospital managed Apple TVs.

The functionalities within the app include communication (push based messaging), personalised information (hospital-specific, treatment related, general interest and patient medical files via Electronic Medical Record etc.) , patient-centric digital processes (meal ordering, surveys, accounting & payment etc.) and entertainment ( games, relaxation etc.)
Patient can be given personalized information related to their demographics, language, treatment and status (e.g. VIP), made possible through the CompanionWave connection with the Hospital Information System
This app can be easily personalised for individual hospitals in regard to design, content, choice of application and user interface.
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