Community Connect CLPS – Community Living Parry Sound

Community Connect is an app that connects people with disabilities and their families to their communities, to support services, and to each other.

This app is a one stop shop of virtual services for people wanting to access support and learn how to live more independently. Community information, learning, and FUN are all part of the Community Connect experience!

What you can expect from Community Connect:

-A welcoming, safe community for people with disabilities and their families
-An easy way to connect with others who share your interests
-Opportunities to access support from a community that cares
-Fun social events
-Opportunities to learn new things like how to use technology, and how to manage stress
-LIVE in app events such as cooking classes, expert talks, and group support that you can access from wherever you are
-Information about community services

The Community Connect app has been created by Community Living Parry Sound (CLPS), a Canadian organization whose purpose is to support people with disabilities to build better lives in their community. Community Living Parry Sound does this through partnerships, innovation and education. Our vision is a community where ALL people have the power and freedom to determine the life they want!

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