Communicare ICU – Communicare OU

Communicare ICU is an iPad communication app designed and built-in close collaboration with nurses and patients in the intensive care unit.

The app allows patients to communicate with the medical staff, loved ones, and caregivers, by expressing their needs with an easy-to-use visual interface and audio output. Empowering patients to communicate using synthetic voice, while being on a ventilator.

Communicare supports patients during their stay at the hospital and assists them in their day to day communication, like communicating concerns, emotions, dietary needs, pain, and therapy questions.

Features include:
– Audio playback with Male or Female voices.
– Type to speak: patients can use the on-screen keyboard to write sentences, and speak it out loud with the app text-to-speech feature.
– Pain scale that gives patients the ability to identify where on the body they feel pain, what type of pain, and its intensity.
– Easy to use visual interface with various illustrations.
– Over 120 different phrases available in the app to express various needs.